Monday, June 08, 2009

I remember how to sew!

This morning I felt like working in my sewing room. I whipped up the following.

three tissue holders

These will be great little gifts...

A small coin purse.

I used scrap fabric from a quilt project
I was working on last summer.

Bag for a friends baby.

Check out those finished edges!

She has twins so I had to make 2.

I'm liking how easy it is to finish
the raw edges on the inside.

Found a sweater at Goodwill and made a computer bag for myself.

Fell in love with the lining fabric.
I may have to get more. I had enough left over
to put small pockets on the inside for cords etc.
I like the ribbon closure.


Tonyia said...

How are you finishing the raw edges? You've probably said, and I missed it!

Nice work on the sewing - I love all of the fabrics!

Nutty Knitter said...

There are 2 sizable strips leftover after cutting the fabric for the body of the bag. I use the outside color for the handle. The inside color I make bias tape. I cut 2 long 2" strips and iron creases in them (similar to bias tape). I sew the ends shut, cut the corners the regular way & THEN sew the strips over the raw edges. Same thing when I sew the cut corners together to make the 'box' part of the bag.

If it doesn't make sense, I'll take pictures the next time I whip one up.

Tonyia said...

That's very cool! Thanks! I think I can figure that one out?