Saturday, December 22, 2007

All he wants for Christmas are his 4 front teeth

Here is the video of the cute one trying to pull his tooth. Bear with me, it's approx 4min long but worth it. It's very cute and funny. He said on the way into his room to put the tooth in his tooth box, "Maybe some day we can make it into a necklace." Ewwww!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two more FOs!

Can I get a "whoot, woo!"? Seriously, can I? Looking at the calendar I realized that I was wayyyy behind on my knitted gifts. Grrrrr! I whipped up these two babies over the last week.

The black is the "Triple Cable Muffler" from One Skein.
needles: 16" sz 9 circs.
yarn: Patons Classic Merino Wool in black.

for the custodian at school
Short and masculine. Very nice.

This is "Edgar" from knitty.
needles: sz. 8 dpn
yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite, color 2010

I whipped it up for a teacher friend at work.
Gave it to her last week & she loved it. (Whew!)
Lays very nicely against a turtleneck. I may need to make one for myself!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Started a new sock

I have been wanting to start a new sock that was a bit more challenging than the ribbed socks I have been making. I decided on the pomatomus from knitty. All new socks can't come without a bit of sacrafice...

I frogged the toe up socks that have been siting around the house for so long. They yarn is a perfect color for the pomatomus and I didn't have the energy to figure out the heel, turning, etc. on the toe up. (I know you toe up folks are sitting there laughing and saying to yourself how easy it is, but I'm self taught and don't have enough brain power after a day of teaching to concentrate on it. excuses, excuses...)

Anyhoo, they yarn is Cherry Tree Hill. Sorry, I don't remember the color and can't find the wrapping it came in. Just believe me, sans camera, that is pretty.

I finished the cuff. LOVE it! Thinking of making future cuffs this way as it doesn't roll and is a tad thicker. Very nice. The very next row threw me. I'm chalking it up as reading new instructions at 11pm. I un-knit and am waiting for time today (after cleaning & errands) to pick up the sticks. Pattern calls for 5dpn and I only have 4. Dang, I guess I'll have to go to the yarn shop. Really, I'm being forced to do this...Don't think I WANT to, it's for the good of the socks. I don't want to go against the pattern and be a rebel. (Does anyone believe that?)

Monday, December 03, 2007

My son the photographer

The cute one wanted to take some pictures. Who am I to say no? Here is what he produced...He said they are really good.
Before taking this one, he said to us, "Act like you love people." We really laughed at that one!

Updated Jack-O-Lantern Child

Here is our wonderful son. He doubles as a Jack-o-lantern and a reindeer....

What a busy house...

The cute one has been busy lately. We ordered some colored cookie dough via his fundraiser at school. We decided tonight he could make some cookies. I gave him one small scoop of each color and below is what he came up with. Personally, the monster cookies are my favorite. He's so clever! (sorry about the blurry pictures, that was the best I could do).

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened at Dinner Tonight

We were out and about searching for odds-n-ends for holiday decorating. It was close to dinner time for the cute one and hubby had a gift certificate to Famous Dave's. Off we went.

Hubby and I weren't quite hungry yet but the cutie was. He gets the biggest kick out of eating dinner at "the bar". Soooooo, we sat and had sodas while he ordered dinner (ours was ordered to take hom, not important to the story, but I would be wondering if I was reading this).

When his dinner came, hamburger & apples, he proceeded to ready himself for a delicious meal. Upon taking his first bite, he said, "Ow!" Pulled the un-bitten sandwich from his mouth and took something else out of his mouth. It was his bottom tooth!

The little bugger lost his 3rd tooth while taking a bite out of a burger. Apparently the bun must have been dry as he didn't take another bite of ANYTHING after that. I personally think he was worried.

The girls at the bar were great. They gave him a cup with a lid on it to put the tooth in. The manager even came over to congratulate him. What a trooper. He said it was awesome and it didn't hurt a bit. Now he's missing one top tooth and the bottom two. All in front. I must say, the other top tooth is wiggly enought that he may be singing, "All I want for Christmas are my 4 front teeth!"

Pics to come, he went straight to bed, after writing an adorable letter, so as not to miss the Tooth Fairy. (He really is a cutie!)

New Haircut

This is my new haircut. I got tired of washing the tangles in the shower and trying to brush it after. It USED to stop at the center of my back (about the bra strap for the lady readers).

I went to the hair dressers today and said I wanted about 5 inches cut off. She told me that if I were to cut between 7-10 I could donate it. What the heck, it's the season for giving isn't it? I wound up getting 8 inches lopped off. I let the stylist choose the color (she has great taste and will fix it for free if I don't like it, which I have always LOVED).

It doesn't even touch my shoulders, and that's flat ironed length mind you. Who knows what it will look like tomorrow. I love it today and that's all that matters. Actually, the only thing keeping me from feeling bad about my short hair is that I someone will benefit from my discards.