Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day One on Vacation

Our first 'official non-driving' day of vacation netted us the following:

We hit the mother load when it comes to saltwater taffy. Mmmmmm, my new favorite snack. Try eating a chocolate piece & peanut butter piece at the same time. Heavenly...

We threw the little guy in jail. We could only take so much of, "When can we go to the hotel and go down the waterslide?" I think we made it to being asked eleventy-billion times.

This was a ride where you pull on the rope until you get to the top & then it drops you down (moderate speed). Then you get to do it all over again. I went with the little guy after dad...Had my eyes closed the whole time as I don't like heights. I was told I'm pathetic. How does a 7 yr. old know me so well?

little guy 1, funnel cake 0

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Melissa said...

The kid called you pathetic? That's pretty hilarious, but naughty. Did you give him a time out or something?

I can't believe you went on vacation and I have to find out about it from your blog. Or maybe you told me, but since E was born my memory has deteriorated significantly.