Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Two on Vacation

On day two, we decided to surprise the little guy by taking him for a ride on the ducks (it's actually spelled DUKW) to see the sights of Branson. (You can learn more about DUKWs and see pictures here.)

Up until we went in the water he was pretty excited. Once we were floating around the lake, he said, "Is it just me or are we sinking?"

I told him it was just him. I'm such a loving mother!

Sitting with Dad getting ready to leave.

Such pretty sights.
Thought I was going to be sick on the ride up.
Lots of curves!

I managed to convince him that we were fine.

Once the captain let him drive the boat, he was fine.
He did a great job!

They even had a HUGE paddle boat Mom!

After the DUKW ride, we went to the water park. Sorry, absolutely no pictures of me in a bathing suit! That and we didn't want to ruin the new camera (more on that later).

We tried a steak house in which none of us ordered steak. Weird I know. While there, it was discovered there were ZERO pictures of the hubby and I together. The little guy helped us out on that one.
Thanks little guy!

After dinner, we let the little guy do a little bull riding.

He's such a natural.

Due to his natural skills, and the boys love for frozen treats, we went to a place called "Andy's Frozen Custard".

The line reminded me of Zesto's when I was a kid.

Deliciousness was had by all.

I LOVE me some root beer float!

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Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

ugh. first of all, I DID get sick on the ride up there. yikes
secondly: I love that duck ride!