Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If You LOVE Chacos Raise Your Hand

I normally don't advertise for stores. However, at this very moment Footloose & Fancy is having a 20% off sale on Chacos (my favorite summertime sandal). All you need to do is take in a pair of gently used shoes and they will give you 20% off of your Chaco purchase. The shoes are then donated to the City Mission. Granted, I already give clothes, toys, etc. to the City Mission, but if I can get a break on my favorite shoes to boot, I'm all over it!

Check out my new lovelies...

Pay no attention to the dirt footprint outline,
we just got back from a very dusty walk.

Also, pay no attention to the snaggletooth toenail polish.
It's on my to do list. That's what a week at a vacation resort
with a pool will do to a person.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day Five on Vacation

This was the last day of sight seeing for us before returning home. After posting, I realized that I'm off one day on the vacation count as, technically, day one was spent traveling. We'll just say the days are 'activity days'.

Anyhoo....our final day was one we spent shooting from the hip. We decided to do things that the little guy was asking to do the entire week.

The morning was spent at Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.

After dinner, we decided to take the little guy for some mini golf and go cart racing. Fun was had by all.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Four on Vacation

We were off for our second day at Silver Dollar City. We wanted to start the day off right so we stopped at Panera for breakfast.

There were roller coasters

Flying elephants

Pirate ships

Train rides

and cave tours
(I don't like small spaces, heights, or darkness.
All of which were present, blech)

The best part of the evening was dinner. We went to Joe's Crab Shack. I loved it! We had crab, shrimp, and lots of napkins! Definitely a wonderful way to end the day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Three on Vacation

We decided to get up this morning in time for breakfast. Hubby and I spotted a Starbucks on the way into town the other day and decided this morning was the morning.

I totally needed my dose of coffee.

The little guy started with chocolate milk &
decided he didn't like the taste.
They gave him a free applejuice instead.
Being a cutie pie has it's bonuses.

After breakfast, we went to the Titantic museum.
If you're in Branson, I highly recommend it.
A very interesting exhibit. Lots to see and learn.

After FOUR HOURS in the museum
(a guy at our hotel said it take 45 minutes...whatever)
we were a little hungry. We went to Fuddruckers,
a place we don't have back home.

The chili cheese fries didn't stand a chance with this guy.

Neither did that chocolate chip cookie...

Possibly the best part of the day was when we went to the mall to pick up something we needed. I was paying for our items when hubby went walking with the little guy. He came back and said he felt 'dirty'. I asked him to tell me more. He said he just got done taking pictures of an Elvis impersonator. I HAD to check it out for myself. I LOVE IT! I have never had an Elvis sighting. As it turns out, he lives in Branson. Who knew?!?

We went to one of the local wineries and got a tour and tasting.
The little guy got concord grape juice.
He loved it so much we bought a bottle. He was very patient.

Topped off the evening eating at the Uptown Diner.
Very 50's. Fabulous club sandwich and Vanilla Phosphate.

Day Two on Vacation

On day two, we decided to surprise the little guy by taking him for a ride on the ducks (it's actually spelled DUKW) to see the sights of Branson. (You can learn more about DUKWs and see pictures here.)

Up until we went in the water he was pretty excited. Once we were floating around the lake, he said, "Is it just me or are we sinking?"

I told him it was just him. I'm such a loving mother!

Sitting with Dad getting ready to leave.

Such pretty sights.
Thought I was going to be sick on the ride up.
Lots of curves!

I managed to convince him that we were fine.

Once the captain let him drive the boat, he was fine.
He did a great job!

They even had a HUGE paddle boat Mom!

After the DUKW ride, we went to the water park. Sorry, absolutely no pictures of me in a bathing suit! That and we didn't want to ruin the new camera (more on that later).

We tried a steak house in which none of us ordered steak. Weird I know. While there, it was discovered there were ZERO pictures of the hubby and I together. The little guy helped us out on that one.
Thanks little guy!

After dinner, we let the little guy do a little bull riding.

He's such a natural.

Due to his natural skills, and the boys love for frozen treats, we went to a place called "Andy's Frozen Custard".

The line reminded me of Zesto's when I was a kid.

Deliciousness was had by all.

I LOVE me some root beer float!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day One on Vacation

Our first 'official non-driving' day of vacation netted us the following:

We hit the mother load when it comes to saltwater taffy. Mmmmmm, my new favorite snack. Try eating a chocolate piece & peanut butter piece at the same time. Heavenly...

We threw the little guy in jail. We could only take so much of, "When can we go to the hotel and go down the waterslide?" I think we made it to being asked eleventy-billion times.

This was a ride where you pull on the rope until you get to the top & then it drops you down (moderate speed). Then you get to do it all over again. I went with the little guy after dad...Had my eyes closed the whole time as I don't like heights. I was told I'm pathetic. How does a 7 yr. old know me so well?

little guy 1, funnel cake 0

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Updated Dye Job!

I was a busy person this morning. I spun up 50g of Zitron roving my mom got for me while on vacation last year. It's a 2 ply that would up being 120 yards. I'm liking it.

Below is the food coloring yarn. I put yellow & red directly on the yarn then added water and vinegar. It's very bright.

Finally I have the kool aid dyed yarn. The color is nice but I did a lousy job on the navajo plying. Tried to do it from memory...apparently, my memory stinks.

Trying to Dye Handspun

I've got a couple of hanks of handspun that I've been wanting to dye. They aren't the best so far as spinning goes, but they are prefect to try something new on.

I've been wanting to learn how to hand dye yarn without using harmful chemicals. I found a couple packets of kool-aid in my kitchen along with an old box of food coloring.

I decided to give it a whirl.

In the left bag I added red & yellow food coloring, 2 qts of cold water & a couple glugs of vinegar. In the right bag I added two packets of kool-aid (sugar free berry blast I'm thinking), 2 qts of cold water & a couple glugs of vinegar. It's supposed to get close to 90 degrees today so I'm leaving them on my deck to bake.

When they are done on the deck, I'll rinse them and hang them to dry. I'm excited to see what I have when it's all said and done. This may become yet another addiction.

I found a box of Wilton cake dye in the back of the cupboard. How do you suggest I go about using that?...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bag Project and More

A friend from knitting group is due to have a baby later this year. It will be her third child but her first girl. We were chatting last week and she expressed interest in having a baby/diaper bag that was definitely for a girl. Flowers were a must and pink goes without saying.

I purchased the best bag pattern several years ago while on vacation (pics. of that to come at a later date). Today I was zig-zagging my way across town when I caught wind that Hobby Lobby had some great sales on fabrics.

Since I have been walking around with the bag pattern in my purse, I decided to swing by and see if I could find anything of interest. The below picture is what my 7 year old son picked out. Personally, I think he has great taste! The green is the contrasting fabric, the pink floral is the main fabric, an the green/pink stripe is the lining fabric.

I'm very excited to get started on this as I know it will look awesome. Make sure you stop back for finished pictures.

I couldn't get cute girlie fabric without getting something for my super cute niece. Below is what will soon become a strappy sundress for baby E. I know she will be the best looking toddler in Montana!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chair Project

I did a test weave on the chair yesterday to see if I have enough cording. It's close. I'm thinking I'll make a bit more. I'd like to see another wrap on the front/back portion of the chair. I'm also wanting enough left over so I can wrap the extra around the frame to cover the spaces between each wrap (is that making sense?)

So far, I'm happy with how it's turning out. I'll be taking off the weave, cleaning the chair, and re-wrapping next week. Hubby did a test sit last night. I got his approval so as of now, everything is good.

See on the left? I either need to do a better job spacing the wraps or add more. I'm still thinking on that.
This is my absolute favorite fabric (as of right now). I'm thinking of getting some more and making something else with it. We'll see.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on the New Project

I've decided to not felt the seat. I have something different in mind. It requires my 'mad sewing skills' and a bit of patience. I've purchased fabric and other necessary items. Forgot the thread so I'll be going back out today for that before getting started.

Keep checking back. I'm convinced this will be a new obsession of mine...just something else to add to the list.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New project

Found this beauty on craigslist this morning. The wood is lovely. The seat needs re-doing but I have bigger and better plans for it. I'm going to felt a seat for it. This is going on my long list of summer projects. I won't even say how sweet the deal was so as not to sadden anyone who missed out.

I'm super excited about this one!

I love garage sales

Check out the new table I got for an amazing $4 at a garage sale last Saturday. I love it! I'm thinking it's a tea table. The hand painted metal top comes off. I love the bamboo look of the legs. So pretty. Makes me want to again next weekend...

Monday, June 08, 2009

I remember how to sew!

This morning I felt like working in my sewing room. I whipped up the following.

three tissue holders

These will be great little gifts...

A small coin purse.

I used scrap fabric from a quilt project
I was working on last summer.

Bag for a friends baby.

Check out those finished edges!

She has twins so I had to make 2.

I'm liking how easy it is to finish
the raw edges on the inside.

Found a sweater at Goodwill and made a computer bag for myself.

Fell in love with the lining fabric.
I may have to get more. I had enough left over
to put small pockets on the inside for cords etc.
I like the ribbon closure.