Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby has someting to wear

A quick baby project. I wanted to dress up some of the plain onesies before the baby arrived and had a few things in mind. Right now, I only made three, but, have already had hubby request a few more.

a trio of cuteness

proud Nebraskan

game day ready

a touch of formal wear

I wouldn't think twice about making these again. A super cute and easy baby gift!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

His room is almost done!

We just have a couple more pictures to hang, but, I can't wait. Here is the big guy's room (note to readers: with the anticipation of a new little guy, current little guy will henceforth be know as big guy).

Let it be known that everything I found for his room, besides the awesome Behr paint, was on sale or clearance! Whoot!!

New 9 cube shelving system

new bean bag (can't go wrong with blue flames)

same loft bed, new comforter

same stuff, just orange walls

new curtain, same toy box & hamper

better shot of the curtains

same big boy, new reading spot...I think he likes it

And so his room is changing...

I think everyone knows we are expecting our 2nd child in a couple of weeks. As of yesterday, everything in the baby's room is done (minus the bottom trim on a curtain and a small accent pillow for the corner chair).

Therefore, today, we started on the big kid's room. We told him he could pick whatever color he wanted for his room. In hindsight, this could have turned out very poorly. He chose orange.

Hubs and a friend of hubs have been painting all day. I have been shopping for accessories all day with the help of my mom (couldn't have done it without her help and advice). Friend had to leave & hubs is working on 2nd coat of paint. Here's a peek of what we've got so far & I must say, I'm in LOVE with the color!

A friend we can't do without!

Excellent job on the edging!

The room was painted yellow when we found out we were expecting our first little guy.
Now that he's 8, we thought it was time to let him grow up.

Started painting and found a piece of tape that
was on the wall that we missed. Whoops!

Can I Still Call Him "My Little Boy"?

The little guy started third grade last week. Can I still call him, "My little boy"? I'm a bit sad at how big he's gotten. Just look at this!

Starting 3rd grade

2 1/2 years old

Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Crochet to Show

I am continuing to use use the same book in order to improve my techniques. I am continuing to love how everything has turned out.

Motif #118

Motif #1
This was the first circle I did, but, I had a huge error in it.
I wasn't comfortable posting with the error, so,
I frogged and re crocheted it.

Friday, August 06, 2010

I can crochet!

I've been looking into a few crochet blogs lately and felt the urge to teach myself something new this summer. While on a trip to the bookstore, I stumbled upon this pretty little number:

The book alone is so pretty I had to have it.

My summer duties have come to an end and I found myself with a week of no commitments. Feeling like a week was not enough time to start a new knitting project (that and I have so many unfinished jobs to pick up that I'm still ignoring) now is the perfect time for me to better understand crochet.

After a bit of reading, I dove into my stash, grabbed a hook, and started experimenting. Please note that I haven't blocked them yet, so, some of them will look a bit wonky. So far, here's what I've accomplished:

Motif #8

Motif #4

Motif #6

Motif #25

Motif #41

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Knitting Group Ladies

The wonderful ladies from my knitting group (you all know who you are) threw a baby shower for our newest addition last night at our weekly knitting group. Hanging out with this great group of people and chatting is enough for me, but, when they decided to put their talents to work for the newest member of our family...well, words can't say how lucky this kiddo is!

I have to thank my friend S for remembering to bring a camera. I failed to do so. I also failed to hold still on some of the shots as I was quite giggly and excited. Sorry S! (I didn't put names of who gave them to me because I wasn't sure if they were ok with it. If the ladies are, they'll let me know and I'll edit and post their blogs...but only if they tell me to.) Check out the awesomeness:

Baby blankets, rubber duckie, two crocheted washcloths, and....

a Curious George toy stacker.
crocheted snake and....
super duper soft hat and socks!
Vest (yes folks, the entire thing is KNOW I didn't make that one!)
Jungle themed interactive baby blanket. The animals can be pulled off, slobbered on played with, and stuck back in place.
Your eyes are fine, yes, it's a Halloween costume.
I found a pattern for a light saber that
I'm going to need to whip up to go with this bad boy!
Crocheted star blanket.
Best part is, it's recycled yarn from another knitter's handmade sweater.
Makes me love it even more!
Wishing this cute sweater would fit me. So soft.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A bit of crochet for the baby

I've been working on some toys to accompany the animal theme of the baby's room. I've linked them to my ravelry account if you're interested in details.