Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bag Project and More

A friend from knitting group is due to have a baby later this year. It will be her third child but her first girl. We were chatting last week and she expressed interest in having a baby/diaper bag that was definitely for a girl. Flowers were a must and pink goes without saying.

I purchased the best bag pattern several years ago while on vacation (pics. of that to come at a later date). Today I was zig-zagging my way across town when I caught wind that Hobby Lobby had some great sales on fabrics.

Since I have been walking around with the bag pattern in my purse, I decided to swing by and see if I could find anything of interest. The below picture is what my 7 year old son picked out. Personally, I think he has great taste! The green is the contrasting fabric, the pink floral is the main fabric, an the green/pink stripe is the lining fabric.

I'm very excited to get started on this as I know it will look awesome. Make sure you stop back for finished pictures.

I couldn't get cute girlie fabric without getting something for my super cute niece. Below is what will soon become a strappy sundress for baby E. I know she will be the best looking toddler in Montana!


Tana said...

Very pretty!

Melissa said...

Cute fabric! That's going to be a darling little dress. And shirt for next summer too!