Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm starting to enjoy the summer.

It's official, I'm ready for summer. Why else would I have selected a pattern that has so many instructions! I started this pattern last year, dropped eleventy-million stitches, frogged it, and put the yarn in 'time out'. Last night I found the pattern and yarn and decided today would be the day to give it another try. Here's what I have so far.
Do you even see the chart? If you know me, that's a lot of info.
I totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors. The 'scales' in the pattern combined with the colors in the yarn remind me of the ocean.

Hello my little monkeys!

I finished whipping up the monkey socks I started in DECEMBER! It's not that the socks are hard to knit. I just let life get in the way. I sat down with them two days ago and showed them who was the boss. I apologize about the lighting. Lots of glare. They are actually much darker than they appear.

'leg shot'
What a lovely toe.
This is closer to 'actual' color. Hubby purchased me the sock blocker. I'm going to need to have a sit down with him and explain the 'pairs' concept. Love him for thinking of my hobby.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Today was the cute one's first (and second) T-Ball game. He is still learning the rules and positions. If you have met the cute one, you know he NEVER stops asking questions. I overheard the coach finally say, "Once we get off of the field, I'll explain it to you." That's what you get for being the son of two teachers. He'll probably grow up to be a researcher or journalist. The field was a bit slushy from all of the rain, I'm surprised the game was still on. His pants were broken in when he slipped onto home plate. Cute! Check out the pictures:
Ready to bat
Getting some pointers from the coach
Swing batter!
Towards the end of the second game.
Boredom is beginning to set in.
Yeah, he's clocked out.
This picture was taken right before
his glove became an "awesome mask".

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who Rocks the Bike?

My little fella just learned how to ride his bicycle. Hubby got our bikes ready to ride this evening (we haven't ridden them since before the little dude was born). We just got back from our first family bike ride. It lasted almost an hour. There were lots of hills, turns, and a couple of streets to cross. We rode through the grass, over driveways, and around cars. He did a great job walking his bike across the street and was extremely careful when looking for cars.

Hubby and I are walking with our heads a bit higher, chests puffed out a few more inches, and a bit of sadness in our minds as our little has reached another milestone. These are the things we'll remember when he gets bigger. (I'm writing a note to the big man upstairs asking him to slow it down a bit. I know the little guy is ready to grow up, but I'd like him to stay little for just a little while longer.)

He's such a cutie-buns!

P.S. If you ever experience difficulty riding your bike up a hill, just chant the following, "Who rocks the bike? (Your name here) rocks the bike! Who rocks the bike? _______ rocks the bike!" It works, honestly, just ask my 6 year old.