Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Vacation Here We Come!

The last time we took a family vacation we landed in Branson, MO. It was fun. We were a family of 3 then.

Now, we are a family of 4 with one under one. Choosing a place that offered something for everyone (that could walk and talk) was easy. Deciding on a destination that would work us given the age of our boys was completely different.

We decided to drive instead of fly because we were afraid we'd be "that family". You know the one: baby crying, parents drinking, sibling crying because baby was crying... You get the idea. So, we decided we'd rent a mini-van. This would give us easy access to the back in case big brother had a hard time with little brother. This would also give us a DVD player. We already have a DVD player, but, it's not part of the car. This allows for more lap room for the big kid. Mini-van also accommodates the loads, and loads, and loads of stuff the smallest person in the family needs in order for this to be a happy family vacation. We'll see if we use it all.

Packing tonight and then we're off. I'm not telling where we're going. I thought I'd post pictures and let you give it your best try. Who knows, if you're someone close and don't already know of our plans, you might find a small treat upon our return. I can't say anymore as it will ruin the fun.

Tonight it's all about packing, packing, packing. We're hoping to leave early enough so the little kid can get two naps in during the drive. Cross your fingers and wish us luck!

Monday, July 18, 2011

House Number

While my friend, Megan, was over today, we broke in my new Cricut machine. I wanted my house number to pop when looking at the front of our home in case we were to get crazy and order delivery (something that happens 1x per year maximum).

I got some vinyl and a friend that knew what she was doing and here's what we did:

Carefully line up the vinyl on the cutting mat.

Peel off vinyl and place on special paper that helps when sticking it to the door.

Wipe area with rubbing alcohol and rag.
DON'T use tissue like I did, it leaves fuzzies.

Rub the letters on the special sticky paper to ensure it sticks.

Carefully align the letters before rubbing them onto
the door to ensure they are in the correct spot.

Peel and wiggle at an angle so it comes off easier.

Wait for it!

So pretty!

Repeat steps for the abbreviation

Step back and admire.

Step WAAAAY back and admire some more!

Updated Fraps!

My friend Megan came over to help with my new Cricut (whoot!) and we made fraps. Yes, we get a bit sidetracked, but, it's all ok. I wasn't pleased with the runniness of the frauppicinos that I made the other day so we decided to tinker. Turns out, if you ALMOST double the amount of ice, it's practically perfect. (I doubled and it was a bit too much)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Frappuchino Anyone?

Found a recipe that would enable me to make a Starbucks Frappucino without spending eleventy billion dollars a shot. I never liked making my own because the ingredients seemed to separate before I was able to finish it (and I can slam a coffee drink if need be). Turns out, there is a secret ingredient, xanthum gum!

It's the magical ingredient that keeps things from separating. I've linked to the brand I was able to find. I've read you could use pectin too. Hubs (the scientist) says pectin forms a tighter bond making things thicker. Pectin is cheaper, but, I didn't remember that ingredient while at the grocery store yesterday. You only need a pinch so the price can be justified (I spent $13 and change on my bag, wowzers!)

I added coffee flavoring as I'm a fan of that. You could keep it regular if you'd like. I used hot coffee. I found my mixture to be a bit runny. Wondering if I used cooled coffee if it would be thicker. I'll be trying that later.

***For my friend Mary***
I didn't add whipped topping to mine as I'm not a huge fan of it. It adds a 'coating' feeling to your mouth when you have it at the end of the drink (it it lasts that long). Thinking the whipped topping in a can might have less fat content and would not have the same effect.

Give it a go OR come over and we'll make some together!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

These flowers will never die.

Got bored one day and made some flowers for the living room. I've got to be careful as these are addictive to make.