Monday, June 14, 2010

Transformation into a Baby Room - Phase II

Painting = ugh

I don't think you have to know my husband, or me for long to know that we love a freshly painted room. We just don't like to do the painting part. We've tried to leave the gallon of paint into the room and see if it would paint itself, but, that method doesn't work.

Since hubs likes edging less than me, I edged the room. He used the paint roller (between soccer games, etc.) and the little guy and I finished using the roller. So far, we only have one coat of paint up. It's take me FOUR HOURS. Is that even normal? The room is only 9'x11'.

You'll be seeing the room with only one coat of paint as it will be too dark by the time we finish. Tomorrow, when the carpet is installed, you'll see a finished paint job and a lovely floor!

So far, here's our progress:

Hubs getting started on the walls. I love this picture because you can see the purple color the room used to be. It was painted that color when my cousin came to live with us 8+ years ago. (I'm slow to change things) Notice the pepto pink in the closet. Not sure when that happened. It was like an archaeological dig when we took the carpet out. We knew there was gray but we also found DARN blue fragments as well. Interesting....

This technically doesn't break any child labor rules as we aren't paying him. I saved the closet for him to paint. He did such a good job. The little guy seems to really be enjoying the process of re-doing a room. Granted, he knows his room is next. Stay tuned for that one. The color choice alone will be enough to come back!

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Terry said...

This project has really become family endeavor! Looking good...