Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby room pause

We took a break today. I washed the new bedding we picked out for the room. I even set it up. Then, got sidetracked by life. We went to two doctor's appts. today (3D ultrasound pics taken & awesome) and decided to go fishing with friends.

So, instead of baby pictures and room progress, I'm going to prove that we do know how to do things besides work on the house!

A legitimate catch. Excellent work honey bunny!

We threw out the little guy's line first.
He caught this one before we had a chance to bait the 2nd hook!
He's a natural.

Hubs caught this one first, but, I had to save it for last. It's just too ridiculous! See why I love him so much. He has bouts of goofiness every now and then.

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Terry said...

Yes, coach does have a silly side...