Sunday, June 13, 2010

Transformation into a Baby Room - Phase I

Please forgive me for not taking pictures with the furniture and carpet. I completely forgot about it before hubs got bit by the "let's make a room for baby bug". You'll just have to believe me about the scads of mis-matched furniture, hideous gray matted carpet, and stuffed to the gills closet. If you doubt me, ask my parents/sisters/friends allowed in that room/neighbors/garbage men.

I have, however, managed to take pictures of the following:

Big brother getting the room ready for his little brother. He's helping pull out staples from the old carpet. I love that he enjoys this kind of stuff. It's fun to see him growing up and to see him like to do the things that I don't like. It's win win!

Hubs getting that last staple out of the floor. The little guy couldn't get a good grip on it.

The love of my life taking the blinds down. I asked him to gesture his thoughts on the room at it's former state. That's him attempting to give it a thumbs down.

This is to show you the trim. I hate love painting trim. The only thing that honestly makes it more tolerable is when there isn't any flooring to get in the way. I don't have to worry about messing it up as much. This is the only room that I'll be able to do that in, unless I can talk hubs into changing the flooring in our bedroom. Crossing my fingers on that one!

Just another view of the trim. Planning on having the final coat on it tonight. Tomorrow, we'll put the beautiful wall color up. Stay tuned!

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Terry said...

Looking good!