Saturday, February 23, 2008

What did I just say?

I had to call several members of my family recently. I can't believe I said it. It's something I wasn't prepared to say to my 5 year-old son. It just came out.... Are you ready? Are you sitting down? You'd better...

Here goes.....

"Don't put Play-Doh in the toaster, again."

I wasn't mad. He told me he was trying to dry it out faster. I completely understand. It makes total sense. He's pretty clever in fact. I just can't believe it did it! I called my hubby who is in D.C. at the moment to tell him it ranks up there with the time he was two and put plastic spoons in the VCR. I'm so proud.

On a side note....Did you know that white toasted Play-Doh resembles a toasted marshmallow? Seriously, it does.

1 comment:

Tonyia said...

DON'T EAT THE PLAYDOUGH, no matter how yummy it looks!

I love this story.

I wish I had more of these kind of stories written down for/about my now 20 year old son.

It's so cool that you weren't mad, and that you understood. It will serve you well in the future! :)