Sunday, February 03, 2008

Buckeye Beauty

This will be the quilt that hubby & I will have on our bed. The fabric is a combination of things I have purchased over the years. I thank my Aunt Judi for telling me to purchase a 1/2 yard of fabric if I like it. I did that and had more than enough to make my quilt a KING size. It's so big, I couldn't get back far enough to fit the entire top portion in frame. I have only assembled the blocks so far. I just purchased the border fabric yesterday. (Pics below).
Book: Quilts Through the Seasons, by Eleanor Burns
Pattern: Buckeye Beauty
quilt top (notice the bag in the bottom right with the knitting project in it)
close up of quilt top
recently purchased border fabrics

another picture of recently purchased border fabrics

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