Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Checking my e-mail this evening, I noticed that I have been tagged. We all know my thoughts on chain letters, etc. I don't forward chains and am probably cursed for eleventy million years. That said, I won't actually tag anyone, but would love for you to tell me if you decide to 'get tagged'.

I was tagged by Neeley Notes and asked to list 10 weird things about me. My problem is how can I narrow it down? Here goes:

  1. I can make one eye cross at a time (left or right, I'm an equal opportunity eye crosser).
  2. I knit a womb for a friend who needed a laugh. I made the cadillac version and included a squeaker for added effect.
  3. I love Guitar Hero (80's version of course!)
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to knit.
  5. I teach kindergarten (not so much me being weird, but they can say some pretty weird things)
  6. My son thinks I'm completely normal.
  7. A fun evening with my hubby is when we are in charge of the score clock and book at wrestling tournaments.
  8. I have a cat named "Bonkers"
  9. I have a dog named after my hubby's favorite beer.
  10. I think everything about me is completely normal (considering I don't know the definition of the word).
So, tag, you're it...but only if you want to be, no pressure.

1 comment:

Neeley Notes said...

Hey--thanks for playing tag. Do you want to start a knitting group in Seward? Meet at the library sometime and knit?