Sunday, February 03, 2008

Knitted Projects

The following are the knitted projects that are on my list. The first one to finish is the snake stuffed animal. My goal it to have it completed BEFORE my niece is born. Wish me luck. Twelve days until due date but I'm thinking she'll be early!Fiber Trend clogs (pattern is a gift from hubby). Cascade yarn. Yes, I have more I didn't think I needed to take pic's of all of it.

Stuffed snake for my niece. I had more done, but realized I didn't knit in enough stripes before decreasing. Whoops, one of the drawbacks of knitting late at night. Live and learn. I'm whipping it up with extra cotton yarn I have.
Monkey socks knit with sz. 1 dpn using Cherry Tree Hill in Java. Mmmmmm. Perfect fit so far too!

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