Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gifts for my niece

The below items are for my soon-to-be niece. My sister loves (and I mean LOVES) toys from our youth. I found these 'babies' at the local antique mall. How sad that I'm finding toys from my youth at an ANTIQUE mall. I really don't think I'm antique....yet.
my three purchases
jingly rolley-bell sounding thingy
out of focus telephone WITH eye movement (Youth readers, if you are confused as to what that big round thing is on top of the phone, it's part of what was once called a 'rotary phone'. Sorry kiddos, no text messaging here.)
Sesame Street record player. There are supposed to be five records. I could only find four. One of the green I'm thinking should be yellow and there is a missing blue. I guess she'll have to learn to live with disappointment. Sorry kiddo, I did my best.
somewhat odd looking teddy bear
close up of odd looking teddy bear

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Karen said...

Those Fisher Price toys bring back sooooo many memories for me! Our kids LOVED them and what a great treat for that new member of your family. They will last forever, as you well know. :) Thanks for sharing such a cool memory.