Saturday, October 25, 2008

Secret Swap Partner Received Gift

I am part of an 'Office' themed secret swap on Ravelry. DH mailed off the package Monday and my swap partner received the gift today & it was reported to me that she loved it. Yeah! Now I can post pics of what I sent. Here they are:

Here is the entire gift right before it went in the box.
'Office' related paraphernalia.
Stitch markers. They are silver beads
(the reflected light makes them look like glass).
I scored them at a yard sale,
along with lots of other beads, for only 25 CENTS!Sprinkles the cat crocheted by a friend.
I traded her 'Toast' for it. Sprinkles with her new collar.
Hand knit bag...
with lovely lining & snap closure.
(This was a hard one to include as I wanted to keep it.)

Yes, you did see two pink hanks of yarn. It is Rowan Summer Tweed. My sister found 'the motherload' at a thrift store. Apparently, one of her LYS went out of business & gave all yarn to the thrift shop. Saved TONS on that trip. Can I get a 'Yeah' for thrift stores?!?

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Melissa said...

Yeah! for thrift stores!