Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Day at the Orchard

On Sunday, Hubby, son, & I decided to go to the orchard for apples & pumpkins. The orchard we usually go to was hit by a tornado last spring and the apples were pretty beat up. We still plan on getting more pumpkins from them, but hubby really wanted apples. I told him of a place I went to as a kid, Kimmel Orchard. It has definitely changed since my last visit 20+ years ago, but I still loved it. Below are pictures we took during our trip.

Sorry, there are a LOT of pictures...

this is who we took to the orchard
(and yes, that's toothpaste on his sleeve)
on the way to the orchard
picking his first apple of the season
Can you imagine what he's saying in this picture???
Want some?
This was his 3rd apple of the day.
What can I say, the boy loves apples!
The little guy told me to take a picture of 'the nature'.
Who was I to say, "no"?
Told me he couldn't go yet.
He was watching 'nature' and wasn't it awesome?
Flower for mommy.
Ol' blue eyes.
The look of 'loving the day'
Resting on Mommy's lap while waiting for the hay ride.
beautiful day, beautiful company

The little guy be-friended the farmer.
apple #4
Technically, I think this passes as 'fruit group' don't you?
more goodies
me = wine tasting
hubby = beer tasting

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Larry said...

Will there be a wine tasting event at your house anytime soon????