Sunday, October 12, 2008

Affordable Sock Blockers

I made a couple pairs of affordable sock blockers today using place mats I purchased at Target for $1.99 apiece. Definitely an easy thing to do and something I will use religiously come sock weather.

Here are the place mats I purchased for CHEAP!

I began by tracing the pattern on the back of the place mat.
I trimmed the pattern and used dish washing liquid and
a scouring pad to wash the marker off of the back.
Here are a pair of socks modeling the new blockers.
Don't they look happy?


Melissa said...

Cool! Didn't you and Dad make some wooden one awhile ago too?

Nutty Knitter said...


Yes, we made some, I haven't put the final touches on them yet. Not to worry, you'll still get the wooden pair too.

Did I mention one of the pairs of place mat blockers are for you too?

julie said...

For crying out loud! I have that same place mat sitting here waiting to be cut into sock blockers. That is just TOO weird!

Tonyia said...

Way COOL! I don't have sock blockers. I'd really like to have some, especially for pictures.
I'll have to try this soon. You are VERY clever!