Monday, April 28, 2008

Porter update

A lot has happened since Friday's vet visit. On Saturday, Porter developed a bladder infection. The vet called in a prescription to Walgreens. It was a funny feeling when I went to pick it up. I gave them my last name for pick-up and they said, "Is this for Porter the dog?" Apparently, that was not the first dog prescription they've had.

The doctor wanted to see him first thing this morning to do blood work. On top of the infection, he has become very lethargic with a smaller appetite.

The doctor said the swelling in his knee has increased. We now have pain medication to give in addition to the antibiotics he was prescribed on Saturday. He said we should know in the next three days if it's helping. We should also know by next week if we need to take the leg or not. Did I mention that it IS bone cancer? It is.

I'm happy tonight. He had at bit and we played fetch (I threw he retrieved). He seemed a bit more active. He's napping now. What a rough life for a dog who I still consider a puppy (less than 2yrs old).

I'll let you know next week what we find out.

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Tonyia said...

Hang in there!

and keep us posted...