Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ask and ye shall receive

I apologize about getting to this so late. I was at a friend's house finishing up the top of a quilt that I was commissioned to do. (not too excited about the colors, but it's not for me so I can't complain...shh, don't tell)

The following are pictures of what I was up to this morning (and part of this evening). Not to bad for the *first* hank.

*NOTE* First being the first hand I am going to use. My first 'batch' that I spun is tucked away in my craft room to be laughed at in the future.
water after 'bathing'
Hanging to dry. I 'slapped' it on the cushion box prior to hanging to get some twists out.
horrible close up, you get the idea
The finished hank. I twisted it up this evening.
(the pink is the acrylic I used to tie the yarn together
before taking it off the niddy-noddy)
close up
closer up close up (bad color)


Tonyia said...

gorgeous, gorgeous! Great job.

Watch out, this can get addicting.

A spindle is nice, quick and portable. But now you gotta try a wheel.

Yeah, you NEED another fiber hobby.

Nutty Knitter said...

I just gave my co-worker a ball of bamboo sock yarn in 'natural' colors and a hank (made into a cake for her) of Cherry Tree Hill in a red color. These are payment for her letting me BORROW her wheel and cards. That's right, $40 in yarn for use of a wheel she hasn't used for a while. I think I made a wise choice.

I'm sensing a problem developing :)