Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We've had a snow day here. My homemade snow-om-o-meter says we've gotten 8" thus far (I took the picture several hours ago & it's snowed more since then). Not too bad for the first real snow of the year.

With that said, I've been quite busy here at home. Yesterday I did all of the laundry without the help of my DH. Those in the know will applaud me for this as hubs usually has this task.

I'm 1/2 way done with another noro striped scarf I'm making for my hubby (pictures to come upon completion).

I'm also 12 rows away from being done with the tangled yoke cardigan I started in March of '09. I know I said I wouldn't knit anything until I was done with the sweater, but, what can I say? I lied.

I can't say that it fits the way it was intended with my baby belly still hanging on, but, that will soon be taken care of. I'm just happy to be so close to the finish line on this bad boy. (pictures to come upon completion). The only thing left for it are buttons. I'll be going out for those, just not today with all of the white stuff on the ground.

I hope everyone is enjoying today even if you don't have a snow day!

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