Monday, January 10, 2011


Took the little guy to daycare in the afternoon for a couple of hours so we could take the big kid sledding in the park. First time on the toboggan run. I'm thinking he loved it!

Big kid and dad on their first run.
You have to click on this picture to see his face.
I'm thinking he loved it!

Big kid wanted to go on fresh snow.
Dad pushed him. You can see how far he got on 8" of fresh snow.
I laughed pretty hard on that one.

He heard me and got the snowball ready.
Lucky for me it was a powdery snow.

Yeah, he's walking. The snow is up to his knees!

Aaaaaaannnnnnnd, he fell in a deep spot.

My wonderful hubby!

Found another hill to go down.
Lots of tall grass showing through, but, VERY fast!

This hill makes it look like we had barely any snow at all.
Let it be known we had 8"!

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Terry said...

Looks like both "boys" enjoyed the sled run!!!