Thursday, August 05, 2010

Knitting Group Ladies

The wonderful ladies from my knitting group (you all know who you are) threw a baby shower for our newest addition last night at our weekly knitting group. Hanging out with this great group of people and chatting is enough for me, but, when they decided to put their talents to work for the newest member of our family...well, words can't say how lucky this kiddo is!

I have to thank my friend S for remembering to bring a camera. I failed to do so. I also failed to hold still on some of the shots as I was quite giggly and excited. Sorry S! (I didn't put names of who gave them to me because I wasn't sure if they were ok with it. If the ladies are, they'll let me know and I'll edit and post their blogs...but only if they tell me to.) Check out the awesomeness:

Baby blankets, rubber duckie, two crocheted washcloths, and....

a Curious George toy stacker.
crocheted snake and....
super duper soft hat and socks!
Vest (yes folks, the entire thing is KNOW I didn't make that one!)
Jungle themed interactive baby blanket. The animals can be pulled off, slobbered on played with, and stuck back in place.
Your eyes are fine, yes, it's a Halloween costume.
I found a pattern for a light saber that
I'm going to need to whip up to go with this bad boy!
Crocheted star blanket.
Best part is, it's recycled yarn from another knitter's handmade sweater.
Makes me love it even more!
Wishing this cute sweater would fit me. So soft.


Jess said...

awww i'm sad i missed your baby shower! i'm coming to group on the 1st :) can't wait to see you gals! xo

Ludwig's Drivers said...

And remember how before you started going to SnB how nervous you were about it? Those gifts are really fantastic. The baby really raked in the handmade goodies! Lucky baby. :)