Friday, August 06, 2010

I can crochet!

I've been looking into a few crochet blogs lately and felt the urge to teach myself something new this summer. While on a trip to the bookstore, I stumbled upon this pretty little number:

The book alone is so pretty I had to have it.

My summer duties have come to an end and I found myself with a week of no commitments. Feeling like a week was not enough time to start a new knitting project (that and I have so many unfinished jobs to pick up that I'm still ignoring) now is the perfect time for me to better understand crochet.

After a bit of reading, I dove into my stash, grabbed a hook, and started experimenting. Please note that I haven't blocked them yet, so, some of them will look a bit wonky. So far, here's what I've accomplished:

Motif #8

Motif #4

Motif #6

Motif #25

Motif #41


Terry said...

You're having way to much fun!

Anonymous said...

do them in white and you'll have fabulous christmas ornaments!!

Terry said...

You know both of your grandma's would be really proud of you as they loved to crochet. Your great-grandma Bessie would also love it that you crochet. Great-grandma Elsie was into tatting and embroidery...but would like that you are "crafty" too!