Sunday, August 22, 2010

His room is almost done!

We just have a couple more pictures to hang, but, I can't wait. Here is the big guy's room (note to readers: with the anticipation of a new little guy, current little guy will henceforth be know as big guy).

Let it be known that everything I found for his room, besides the awesome Behr paint, was on sale or clearance! Whoot!!

New 9 cube shelving system

new bean bag (can't go wrong with blue flames)

same loft bed, new comforter

same stuff, just orange walls

new curtain, same toy box & hamper

better shot of the curtains

same big boy, new reading spot...I think he likes it


Terry said...

I love it! Good job Dan (and friend)!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a big brother room! It's cool!