Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Spinning News...Part Deux

I finished plying my first round of yarn for a friend's project. I'm prepping to set the twist as I type. I just wanted to get pictures up so everyone could see the color. I won't feel bad if she doesn't like it as I LOVE how it turned out (would that mean I get to keep it then?). 243 yards of smooshy goodness!

There is more left to do. I'd say I'm at the 40-45% mark in terms of finished product.


julie k said...

It's absolutely beautiful!

knot-head said...

Very nice!

Ludwig's Drivers said...

How could she NOT love it? It's totally awesome! What kind of plying is this? Is it a 2 ply? Can you post pics of Navaho plying sometime? Just curious, thanks.