Friday, July 18, 2008

Today's Harvest

It was pouring rain yesterday. We hadn't been in the garden for a couple of days (except to water when needed). Hubby walked through and the little guy followed him with a bowl. We harvested sugar peas, zucchini (for zucchini tacos tomorrow, yumm!), cucumbers, & sweet banana peppers.

REQUEST: If you have any recipes that use sweet banana peppers OR cucumbers PLEASE send them to me & I promise I'll try them. I have loads of these puppies, this is just the 1st picking. (I'm excited & a bit nervous at the same time...Big sis, you'll have some serious help asked of you, I can probably swing some canning jars your way in payment for help).


Melissa said...

I've been liking this website lately:

Click on "Ingredients" above the search box in the top center. Then you can search the recipes by the ingredients you want to use.

I know I've got some additional ideas for you, but I'll have to wait until E's pop is home so he can watch her while I dig through my books. She's been a bit of a handful lately. Last night I had a dream her bottom two teeth came in, I wonder if she's teething...

Tonyia said...

I'm so envious of your garden prowess! We've had a big garden in the past, but the last year we did it we didn't do enough weeding.

Man, I'd LOVE to have all your garden produce.

I've been stopping by the neighbors garden stand on a regular basis, buying cukes and zucchinis. I've developed an addiction to cucumber sliced with some balsamic vinegar sprinkled on it. If I eat one of those while we're cooking supper, it seems like, maybe, I don't eat as much supper. (Always a good thing). And I LOVE the cuke!

There's always refrigerator pickles - I have never made 'em, but my mom and my mom-in-law make 'em and they disappear quickly.

Banana peppers - I don't know. But they're gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Make pepper eat enough of mine when you are here AND sweet banana peppers are still hot, not sweet (ask us as we placed on our sandwich and burnt our lips!!!) Recipe is easy peasy too...just sugar, peppers, and, I'll give it to ya.

The cucumbers can be pickled (any number of recipes as you know from my own garden pantry), make cucumber slaw (like coleslaw)...we salt and eat like carrot sticks.

As for the canning jars...I hope you mean that I will get new ones AND the empty ones you have been hoarding all these months.