Friday, July 04, 2008

Fruits (& vegetables) of our labor

Hubby & I love to garden. This year, we decided to mainly plant a salsa garden (hence the abundance of peppers & tomatoes). When I left for vacation, it was very tiny and things were just starting to bloom & peek above the soil. The pictures below are what the garden looked like when I returned from vacation. One word, "WOW!"
Tomato gardenPeppers, peas, my son's one green bean plant (kindergarten activity), zucchini plant, cucumber plants, watermelon, pumpkin, & strawberries. You can tell by the droopy leaves on the the pumpkin plant (very back of the picture) that the plants are a bit thirsty. I took the picture BEFORE watering.

I actually had to stick my arm/camera into the center of the bush.
I would say it's approximately the size of Pluto.
Zucchini tacos anyone?
Cucumber (one of eleventy-billion)
My lil' pumpkin's lil' pumpkin.
There are scads more just like it.

My lunch today. Mmmmmm. Cucumber & chicken pasta salad, with tomatoes & onion. The cucumber & onion were directly from the garden. Tomatoes aren't ready for picking.

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