Thursday, May 29, 2008

To Dye For!

I am trying to make something other than worsted weight AND without as many slubs. I am using a wool roving that was gifted to me when we lived in Virginia by a very nice mom (I didn't even have her child in my classroom, we just shared the love of yarn). I hope to color it. I am going to try and spin it up before I go to my sister's house in Montana. I want to share the dyeing experience with her as I think she might be interested. We'll see if I am patient enough!

So far, so good. I'm doing a bit at a time as I have been neglecting my knitting for several weeks now (I blame it on the end of the school year and all if the stress it brings). You'll have to wait on pictures of my knitting progress as I'm too tired to dig it out. I know, pathetic...

Here's the bag of yummy roving that I was gifted.
Notice the black in the bottom, I think of it as the prize at the bottom of the cereal box!

Nice and thin and even.
If only I could figure out if the 'waves' on the spool should be there.
I'm thinking no.

Another gratuitous close up.


Melissa said...

The yarn looks great! We could try dying it, but I'm not sure where we would do it. Maybe the laundry room across the hall?

Tonyia said...

Amazing yarn!

Yes, you'll get little "humps" of yarn on the bobbin, particularly at the beginning of the bobbin. It's difficult not to, what with needing to move the yarn from hook to hook.

(I'm always bad at remembering to change hooks - I have too much fun spinning, and forget to pay attention!)

You are doing GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out their website? I googled it.