Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Budding Scientist

Do you recall the Play-Doh incident? Well, my son's school had a science fair and students had the opportunity to participate. His experiment was titled, "Dry Play-Doh Dry". How cute!

He wanted to find the fastest way for Play-Doh to dry. We chose five methods:
  1. in a container (control)
  2. on the counter
  3. outside (mind you, this is March in Nebraska)
  4. in the freezer
  5. in the toaster
His hypothesis was: I think the Play-Doh will dry the fastest in the toaster because it's hot.

The Result: The toaster dried the Play-Doh the fastest, but, be careful because it can burn if it's too hot.
some pre-science fair dinner

anxiously awaiting the judging

explaining his project
(I knew we were in for a great evening when he started with,
"It's quite simple really...")
Apparently, discussing the various ways to dry Play-Doh requires lots of body language.
Who knew?

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