Monday, March 31, 2008

Someone Pinch Me Please

This just in... a co-worker of mine (an avid knitter in a past life) and I were talking today. I think my compulsion joy of knitting is rubbing off on her. She seems to have converted herself into a 'casual knitter' again. I mentioned my purchasing drop spindle and wanting to spin my own yarn.

Here's the part where I need pinching....She said she has her own spinning wheel, etc. I said I would rent it from her (or knit something of her choice) if she wasn't using it (thought I'd practice before deciding to purchase a wheel in the distant future). She said all she would want is some YARN. Well, let me think, do I have enough???? YES! (I'll flash my stash in the near future. It's like walking in front of a mirror in a swimsuit...tad embarassing)

I will totally keep you posted, I sooooo excited about this. How will I sleep tonight?

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