Saturday, December 08, 2007

Started a new sock

I have been wanting to start a new sock that was a bit more challenging than the ribbed socks I have been making. I decided on the pomatomus from knitty. All new socks can't come without a bit of sacrafice...

I frogged the toe up socks that have been siting around the house for so long. They yarn is a perfect color for the pomatomus and I didn't have the energy to figure out the heel, turning, etc. on the toe up. (I know you toe up folks are sitting there laughing and saying to yourself how easy it is, but I'm self taught and don't have enough brain power after a day of teaching to concentrate on it. excuses, excuses...)

Anyhoo, they yarn is Cherry Tree Hill. Sorry, I don't remember the color and can't find the wrapping it came in. Just believe me, sans camera, that is pretty.

I finished the cuff. LOVE it! Thinking of making future cuffs this way as it doesn't roll and is a tad thicker. Very nice. The very next row threw me. I'm chalking it up as reading new instructions at 11pm. I un-knit and am waiting for time today (after cleaning & errands) to pick up the sticks. Pattern calls for 5dpn and I only have 4. Dang, I guess I'll have to go to the yarn shop. Really, I'm being forced to do this...Don't think I WANT to, it's for the good of the socks. I don't want to go against the pattern and be a rebel. (Does anyone believe that?)

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LOVE your hair!