Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened at Dinner Tonight

We were out and about searching for odds-n-ends for holiday decorating. It was close to dinner time for the cute one and hubby had a gift certificate to Famous Dave's. Off we went.

Hubby and I weren't quite hungry yet but the cutie was. He gets the biggest kick out of eating dinner at "the bar". Soooooo, we sat and had sodas while he ordered dinner (ours was ordered to take hom, not important to the story, but I would be wondering if I was reading this).

When his dinner came, hamburger & apples, he proceeded to ready himself for a delicious meal. Upon taking his first bite, he said, "Ow!" Pulled the un-bitten sandwich from his mouth and took something else out of his mouth. It was his bottom tooth!

The little bugger lost his 3rd tooth while taking a bite out of a burger. Apparently the bun must have been dry as he didn't take another bite of ANYTHING after that. I personally think he was worried.

The girls at the bar were great. They gave him a cup with a lid on it to put the tooth in. The manager even came over to congratulate him. What a trooper. He said it was awesome and it didn't hurt a bit. Now he's missing one top tooth and the bottom two. All in front. I must say, the other top tooth is wiggly enought that he may be singing, "All I want for Christmas are my 4 front teeth!"

Pics to come, he went straight to bed, after writing an adorable letter, so as not to miss the Tooth Fairy. (He really is a cutie!)

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