Saturday, December 01, 2007

New Haircut

This is my new haircut. I got tired of washing the tangles in the shower and trying to brush it after. It USED to stop at the center of my back (about the bra strap for the lady readers).

I went to the hair dressers today and said I wanted about 5 inches cut off. She told me that if I were to cut between 7-10 I could donate it. What the heck, it's the season for giving isn't it? I wound up getting 8 inches lopped off. I let the stylist choose the color (she has great taste and will fix it for free if I don't like it, which I have always LOVED).

It doesn't even touch my shoulders, and that's flat ironed length mind you. Who knows what it will look like tomorrow. I love it today and that's all that matters. Actually, the only thing keeping me from feeling bad about my short hair is that I someone will benefit from my discards.

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