Monday, July 18, 2011

House Number

While my friend, Megan, was over today, we broke in my new Cricut machine. I wanted my house number to pop when looking at the front of our home in case we were to get crazy and order delivery (something that happens 1x per year maximum).

I got some vinyl and a friend that knew what she was doing and here's what we did:

Carefully line up the vinyl on the cutting mat.

Peel off vinyl and place on special paper that helps when sticking it to the door.

Wipe area with rubbing alcohol and rag.
DON'T use tissue like I did, it leaves fuzzies.

Rub the letters on the special sticky paper to ensure it sticks.

Carefully align the letters before rubbing them onto
the door to ensure they are in the correct spot.

Peel and wiggle at an angle so it comes off easier.

Wait for it!

So pretty!

Repeat steps for the abbreviation

Step back and admire.

Step WAAAAY back and admire some more!

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Tonyia said...

very snazzy looking!