Sunday, July 17, 2011

Frappuchino Anyone?

Found a recipe that would enable me to make a Starbucks Frappucino without spending eleventy billion dollars a shot. I never liked making my own because the ingredients seemed to separate before I was able to finish it (and I can slam a coffee drink if need be). Turns out, there is a secret ingredient, xanthum gum!

It's the magical ingredient that keeps things from separating. I've linked to the brand I was able to find. I've read you could use pectin too. Hubs (the scientist) says pectin forms a tighter bond making things thicker. Pectin is cheaper, but, I didn't remember that ingredient while at the grocery store yesterday. You only need a pinch so the price can be justified (I spent $13 and change on my bag, wowzers!)

I added coffee flavoring as I'm a fan of that. You could keep it regular if you'd like. I used hot coffee. I found my mixture to be a bit runny. Wondering if I used cooled coffee if it would be thicker. I'll be trying that later.

***For my friend Mary***
I didn't add whipped topping to mine as I'm not a huge fan of it. It adds a 'coating' feeling to your mouth when you have it at the end of the drink (it it lasts that long). Thinking the whipped topping in a can might have less fat content and would not have the same effect.

Give it a go OR come over and we'll make some together!!!

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julie k said...

Awesome! I always have cold coffee in the fridge. It makes a big difference when making iced lattes. (I use the Toddy cold brew system.)