Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas gift for Dad

Dad got a special gift for Christmas this year. My cousin, Joyce Ellen, found some quilt blocks that my grandma pieced together in a bag. Some of them were hand pieced and some were pieced together (I'm presuming) using her treadle sewing machine.

Joyce Ellen asked if I could do anything with them. I told her I'd put them together and make a lap quilt for Dad. When I opened the bag, it smelled just like my grandma's house. This is when I should say that she passed away quite a while ago and hadn't lived in her house for even longer. It was a terrific memory smell!

Any-hoo, on a trip to Ogallala this Thanksgiving, I took the squares with me. Mom and Michelle helped me design a top. Mom and I went to the local quilt shop and found the fabric. When I got home, I got to work.

Needless to say, I was so excited (and behind) about finishing it, I completely FORGOT to take a picture of the finished project. I do have a finished pic of the top. I'm hoping Mom will get some nice completed pics for me to post later.

I'm hoping he loved it as much as me. If not, I'm going to his house and taking it. It would look faboo in my living room!


Joyce said...

I could tell when he showed it to me, he was very proud , and loved it. He will always cherish it. glad I could do a good girl deed for you all! Love you!

julie k said...

It's beautiful, Lisa!