Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best Day Ever (again)

The big brother went to his first Husker football game last night with his dad.

Remember when he proclaimed the day he became a big brother to be his "best day ever"? That has been replaced by a Husker football game with his dad. Wishing I could have been there. He opted to not put action figures in his pocket because he wanted to "enjoy the experience" (his words, not ours). Dad said he must have had a good time because he didn't stop talking the entire time (which was just over 4 hours)!

This is the best picture I have.
Sorry for the quality,
they were sitting on the East side of the stadium.

Almost forgot one of the funniest parts! They got home at 10pm. Big brother told me he didn't have dinner yet. Apparently the hot dog, piece of pizza, bag of M&Ms (he calls them en & enms), and soda were just a light snack!


Terry said...

Of course those are just "snacks", dinner is when you sit down at a table and dine with family!!!

Jess said...

lol how cute! i too leave my action figures at home when i'm ready to have a good time :)