Sunday, March 28, 2010

My favorite carseat/stroller so far

We found ourselves with a few extra minutes yesterday and decided to swing by the baby store to start looking for necessities. We found ourselves hanging out in the stroller & carseat section. After spending almost an hour looking at how much they have improved since my little guy was little (I was shocked) I found my favorite. Loving the color and everything.

It's the Chicco KeyFit 30 Cortina Travel System. The color I like is Fuego. The carseat is top rated and I'm in love with how the stroller handle can adjust to the height of EVERYONE that will be pushing it. We even had the little guy take it for a test spin.

We have a few more to look at, but, it will be hard to beat this in my opinion. Love it!


Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

Hey Lisa--we also have this set and although we LOVE the carseat (lightweight & narrowest we could find) we don't love...the stroller. It doesn't collapse well. Well, okay, it does, but only for awhile before it starts to break. There are many reviews online that also say the same thing. Would you like to try out ours first? (to see how it collapses?) The only difference is teh color, it is marron & charcoal colors.
Sarah M

mamalynn said...

What does the Britax offer? Esmé has the stroller and toddler carseat, both of great quality. If Mitch and his long legs can walk, you should have minimal difficulty.

Lisa said...

Britax was comparable in ease of use. Dan liked it better, but, with a higher safety rating on the car seat carrier & $200 lower price tag, I'm leaning towards the Chicco.

Tonyia said...

WOW! I've gotten way behind on my blog reading and was not aware of your good news! Congrats!

I have eight years between my kids. I really think it worked well, they love each other and I didn't go crazy! (Yet...)

Hope all is well with you!

mamalynn said...

New post please with updates!