Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Picture Journal of the State Fair

Our day at the fair....

We started of by waiting over an hour in line.

What could be so important you ask?
It was worth it.

We followed it up with foods we've never tried. Since this is the last year for the state fair to be located in our beautiful city, we felt it was justified.

Then we got down to business looking at the animals, riding the rides, and having lots of fun.

Ending the day with a traditional funnel cake. Great day with my two favorite guys.


C...M...B...J Van said...

Is that a turkey leg AND a fried twinkie?

Nutty Knitter said...

Yes. We shared as a family. It was too hard to eat the turkey leg. Only about 1/2 was consumed by the entire family.

Had to say goodbye to the fair in style you know. The fried twinkie was 'meh'. Not the big deal it was made out to be. We should have tried the fried oreos instead! :)

Anonymous said...

State Fair in GI next year could be an "overnight adventure" followed up with Material Girls quilt shop and a yarn store? (Mamalynn)