Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rowan Felted Tweed

I was looking for a red color, Rage to be exact, and couldn't find any at the yarn shops hubby took me too for my burfday.

I started looking online once we got home and found some so I ordered it.

Just got an e-mail today that it was backordered (grrrr) and that she was expecting a shipment in the beginning of next month (double grrrrr).

I'm super jazzed about starting another sweater for myself and now I'm being forced to wait. I can't stand waiting! To tide you (and me) over, here is what I plan on making:

(photo courtsey of interweave knits)

(photo courtsey of interweave knits)

And I plan to use this color of yarn:
Rage 150


jess said...

i was just thinking of knitting something in red! it's a color i never wear...but i think i'll get brave some day and use it. :)

Tonyia said...

Did you say, "for your birthday"? Did we miss your birthday? Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Tonyia said...

If you need more immediate gratification, has 31 balls of Rowan Felted tweed in Rage 150, and they only charge 6.95 shipping. (Just in case you're not totally committed to your yarn seller?)