Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Sweater

A friend of mine had twins a while back. I'm not going to say as I will embarass myself as a knitter & friend for the delay in gifting the sweater.

It is an adaptation of the Boheme sweater I knit for my niece a while back. I decided against the lace pattern and opted for stockinette instead. There is a garter border along the mid front and bottom. I like the clean look it has without being too 'girly'.

Mother loved it and is excited about receiving the next one for her son. I'm thinking baby surprise jacket...

Pattern: Boheme
Yarn: Mountain Colors, Twizzle (silk/merino blend)
Needle: size 5 circulars
I took this in the staff lounge as I
forgot to take one at home.
Good one I know.
This shows the variety of colors.
The colors are a bit deeper
(similar to the 1st photo). VERY soft.

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