Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hubby's 40th

This past November, my hubby celebrated his 40th birthday. The little guy wanted to make a soccer cake for him as a surprise. We baked and decorated under the guise of it being for my son's teacher. (Nobody believed it except the little guy but it was still cute).

Below are the pictures of said cake. We put 40 candles on it and lit them all.

Such a soft glow
(notice the extra tall flame on the left,
I was beginning to worry 1/2 way through the song)

No, the little guy didn't have any adverse effects from the smoke.

Does anyone else love how the guy sliding toward the ball almost looks like he fell due to the heat of the flames? Also, do you notice how the heat from the candles actually MELTED the frosting. I'm pretty proud of that. The green stuff is sugar, and yes, it melted as well.

This one just cracks me up. It met with his approval apparently.

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Tonyia said...

Very cool! Where'd you get all the cool soccer cake toppers? I know someone in my house would like that for a birthday cake!