Saturday, September 20, 2008

Box Bags

I love making box bags. They are the perfect size for holding sock projects, makeup, small handmade gifts, etc. in. A co-worker had a birthday last month and she received a hand knit pair of socks and my last box bag. I decided I needed to whip up some more for future gift giving. I also gave away the bag I used for holding sock projects.

I realize that I am not allowed to work on any sock projects until I finish the Chevron Scarf I'm working on. Granted, this is a self imposed exile from my beloved DPNs but a necessary one as the scarf would have found a safe corner to 'rest' in for many months. It's a lovely scarf, just a boring pattern to knit. (I have also banned myself from taking pictures of it until it's finished. I'm 5'9", the scarf is 5'9" & only HALF FINISHED! Enough said.

Here are the bags I whipped up tonight. I love them all.Three little lovelies all in a row.
What pretty insides!
Nice and bright, I'll be sure to find a DPN inside this baby!
What's the deal with me & paisley?
This pattern makes me think of my younger sister & grandma.
They would approve.


Melissa said...

Hmm, I'll take two please. Can I order one in a slightly larger size for sweater projects too? Just put in on my tab. ;)

Nutty Knitter said...

Ugh....You are sooooo needy. I swear. Honestly. Yes, I'll make you two.

I would be a horrible friend of an addict or someone with a dependency problem. I complain about the neediness (is that even a word?) but then cave and supply more to the addict. Be lucky these are fun/easy to make.

Melissa said...

Color me ridiculously happy!

Anonymous said...

A tab? You offer credit? In that case, I will take one as I need a decent prototype for inspiration. The two I made do not really resemble the ones in your photographs. Perhaps sending fat quarters your way would move my project ahead of Melissa's?

P.S. Thanks for the personal shopper services! Cannot wait to see the 'button'. You are so talented!

OrigamiFox said...

Wow! These are lovely! May I ask what pattern you are using? BTW, how is the spinning going? I haven't touched a wheel since I showed you how to get started. :(