Sunday, October 14, 2007

Busy, busy, busy, busy

We have been so busy in our house lately. Hubby is in full swing with teaching & football. I am feeling 2x as busy this year teaching kindergarten. I'm thinking it's due to the full day class vs. the 1/2 day last year.

We bought the cute one a super big boy bed this weekend. Found it on Craig's List. It's a loft with drawers, bookshelves, and a desk. We orginally started looking for just a desk but it was such a deal, we couldn't say no. I'm so tired after carrying it upstairs and putting it together. I'm already regretting having to change his bedsheets!

Not to worry, I've still found time for knitting! I finished a pair of cabled socks Thursday. I also started a sweater for a soon to be niece and purchased 10 balls of Noro for the Lady Eleanor Scarf I've been in love with. I plan on working on it when I'm in Montana next week. Whoot woo, only 5 days left.......

I'll post pictures of everything when I'm not so tired, sorry Mel.

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Melissa said...

The Lady Eleanor Scarf looks great! I hope you're keeping this one for yourself! I'm looking forward to seeing the new loft bed. How will he like sleeping so high?