Saturday, September 22, 2007

To quote Lord Dark Helmet from 1987's "Spaceballs"

Oh yes, I will dare to give somebody the raspberry.....jam that is. Can you guess who? Here are a few hints: It's a girl. She LOVES raspberries. I like her enough to pick, cook, & can the raspberries even though I like them as much as I like melons (conversation for another time). I will see her in October. She's moving into the cutest apartment with her hubby. She lives in where it's impossible to take a bad picture outside. She's preggers.

Did you guess? Ok, another hint: I'm not giving it to "Lonestar".


Melissa said...

Mmmm. Hope it's me!

Melissa said...

More posts! More posts! You have to post if you're gonna make me post! :)