Sunday, April 01, 2007

Trip to the LYS

Ok, so here's the deal. I live in a town with one TRUE yarn store and two imposter yarn stores. Technically, they can't even be called yarn stores. I use the food label rule. Just as the first ingredient on a food label shows what the main ingredient is, a store can only be called a yarn store if it that is it's #1 item in stock. So, the imposter stores are really craft type stores with yarn.

I will give them credit, they try. However, I can't allow the fancy feathery, fall apart when you clean it eyelash yarn to count as yarn. So, (I will change the name to protect the innocent) Gobby Kobby, please increase the quality yarn and stop overindulging on the eyelash yarn. It's false eyelashes that are popular, not false yarn. Besides, don't they notice that they are constantly having a sale on eyelash yarn. Seriously.

Ok, apparently I have digressed. Where was I? Needles, that's right. The two craft stores try to say they have needles but really all they have are BOYLE needles. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of them which I still use to this date. With that said, has anyone else noticed how the point where the cable meets the needle is not the best, especially on smaller sized needles? I was using circulars to knit my socks to save time. However, when I used my BOYLES, it took more time because I was contstantly stopping and pushing all of the loops from the cable to the needle by hand. Very annoying to say the least.
This is what I'm dealing with!

I "broke down" and went to the only REAL yarn store in town. This did not take much convincing. I love my LYS. It always has new things for me to touch. I wish they had a better/larger selection of sock yarn, but again, I digress. Prior to going into the store, I called my little sister who agreed with me on the needle thing and wished me luck. I even went so far as to tell myself I am only going in for needles, NOTHING ELSE. Maybe it was my going solo, maybe it was the thought of my tax return coming in, maybe I was low on blood sugar. I don't know, it doesn't matter at this point. What I do know is, I went in for needles and came out with two addi TURBO circular needles and a ball of yarn. Many of you would say big deal. She only bought one ball. How much harm could it do? I often say this myself to rationalize the purchase. However, this only makes sense when I purchase cotton yarn for washcloths. Not $19 balls of sock yarn. Thats right, I said $19! What was I thinking?!?! I think the yarn lady has some halloucinegenic air freshner or something. I couldn't resist. The colors were so pretty. I vowed after the purchase I would not buy any more yarn in March. Granted, it was the 31st and towards the end of the day but I need to set realistic goals. Hubby even laughed when I told him I was vowing not to purchase yarn in April. He knows me all to well. Remind me to take pics of my yarn stash and you will see what I mean. Anyhoo, I give you my most expensive yarn purchase to date...

I call it:
Pretty yarn spun with gold,
Which I like to hug and hold.


quantumtea said...

In your defence, that's jolly good sock yarn (possibly usable for Hubby socks to make him forget the no-yarn-in-April thing?), and Addi's can knit through at least 12 pair of socks with no signs of wear.

Hoping to pop down to my LYS this afternoon.

KelInCal said...

Gobby Kobby is at least good for kitchen cotton - they usually have a good selection. And maybe you'll get lucky - my not-so-local Wichael's just started carrying the new Lion Brand Cotton Ease and the colors are yummy. I haven't knit with it, but I've heard only good things. I'm with you on the eyelash yarn - exactly who is buying all of that?

I learned the hard way with Boyes (bought the Needle Master). I can use the straights all day long, but the circs are ridiculous.

Nutty Knitter said...

I have already purchased the Cotton Ease. You'll love it! It feels great to knit with and hangs pretty good. I ordered a Debbie Biss pattern book that uses cotton/angora blend a couple of years ago. I think I finally found an affordable yarn to use with the patterns.

I use my "Needle Master" Boyes for my felting. The needle size needed is large enough and doesn't get caught on their horrid transitions.

I am seriously considering opening my own yarn store so I can find what I want. Grrrrr....