Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally it Dawns on Me!

I was cleaning out my craft room this weekend, again. The room has become a dumping ground for everything that is mine and I finally got tired of the constant disorganization. There is a ton of space mind you. A good sized closet and a floor to ceiling bookshelf. It just felt like there was constant clutter. It got to the point that walking into the room started stressing me out. Then it dawned on me. After nearly two years living in our "new" home I finally came to my senses. The first thing I saw was a closet full of stuff and no door to close it! I stopped by Target after school today to solve the problem. A cheap tension rod and one super cute shower curtain later and VOILA! A punch of color (which I love and was desperately needed) and the clutter immediately disappeared. I am almost embarrassed about how easy this problem was to solve. Does this kind of thing only happen to me?

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